The Way is an Evangelical Free Church. Jesus Christ is the head of the church (Col 1:18).  We are all broken vessels in need of a Savior, we all have problems, issues and burdens and we need a place to be real. The Way is that place, a place to be real with ourselves, real with others and real with God.

~ Be Real with Ourselves: Our relationship with Jesus Christ and why it is important to see ourselves as Jesus does.

~ Be Real with Others: The importance of being real with others in the context of authentic Christian community that points others to Christ.

~ Be Real with God: What it means to be real with God and the need for growth in our prayer life as we seek to become more like Jesus.


The Way Christian Church is a place to be Real.  If you are looking for a church home, come check us out, we would love to meet you and fellowship with you.